I don't consider myself a fair weather rider, but I'm more patient than I used to be with getting the bike out for the season.  I actually was going to get the Street Bob out a few weeks ago but I dead battery shut me down, and work has been busy.  I picked up my Softail from Harley on Saturday though, threw on my new seat, and we set out to ride.

The riding was short lived, at least for my girl, as her Road King had odd for their age weather checked tires that didn't look safe.  Especially since her 8 year old daughter rides on back.  I ended up with almost 100 on though.  We practiced social distancing and just putted around Cloquet and surrounding areas and passed several big groups of riders.

The roads were mostly clear of debris, with only a couple of turns in more rural areas having a lot of sand and rocks.  Other drivers weren't too bad either and the weather was nice enough to get me my first sunburn of the year.  I just wish the wind had been a smidgen less, it was a fight at highway speeds.  I sure do hope things open up soon as a bike ride and stopping for a bloody is one of my favorite things.  Did you get out on the bike this weekend?

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