Earlier in the year, we booked an AIRBNB at 10,000' in the Colorado.  The trip was booked before my now wife and I were engaged or married and we planned on taking  the motorcycles with our good friends.  We ended up getting married a couple of weeks before the trip, and it kind of turned into a honeymoon of sorts.

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My buddy who was taking his bride, had to have knee surgery in June, and unfortunately was not able to ride his bike.  Instead of bagging the trip, they decided to just take their Toyota Highlander, and while he was bummed out to not be riding, it worked out decently.  All of us now had the option to pack pretty much whatever we wanted and me and my bride had a support vehicle.

Our destination was Idaho Springs, Colorado.  It's about 1,200 miles from my door to the AIRBNB and the way out kicked my ass more than I thought it would.  I have a newer bike, with a comfy seat, but wasn't quite in the riding shape I thought I was.  It was still fun, even though the scenery was pretty bland and boring until we got into Colorado.  What I didn't realize was how nice having a four-door vehicle following us was.

Rich, who did most of the car driving, acted as a blocker for most of the trip.  So if I was getting close to moving to the left lane to pass a semi-truck and other cars were being pushy in either lane, Rich would pop over and block them.  It wasn't in the cutting off people way, but in a way that kept me from having to make questionable passing decisions or slow me down.  That changed the whole dynamic of riding a bike at 85 on the highway and dealing with traffic that sometimes doesn't see bikes like they should.  For Rich's sake, I hope the next trip we doesn't have to drive, but if he does, I won't complain about the road support.

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