I absolutely hate bringing up the subject of winter, but it will be upon us in the Twin Ports sooner than later.  While there is a very small amount of people living up here that don't winterize their bikes because they ride even when there is snow on the ground, most people put them away.

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I'm not as hardcore as I used to be, so my bikes get a long winter nap.  Now, how you winterize your bike is a subject like what brand of oil to use, everyone has different thoughts.  I'm going to go over what I do and has worked for me and my bikes for many years.

Before their winter naps, I don't change the oil unless it's due to be changed.  I just have never seen the point as it's not like over a few months, it's going to do any more damage than when it sits in there normally in the summer.  Along the lines of oil though, I will make sure any due maintenance is performed before sleepy time.  I also make sure the tank is full of premium fuel, with none of that corn BS ethanol in it.  I add some form of fuel stabilizer as well and run the bike until I can smell it coming out of the exhaust.  Usually I use STA-BIL for helping to keep the fuel fresh.

My bikes also get bathed better than normal as I don't want any bugs or road grime sitting on the paint for a long winter storage.  For the batteries, I either pull them and keep them on a battery tinder in my basement or just plug them in directly to the bikes in the garage.  That's about all that I do, which isn't much but in my opinion keeping that fuel fresh and not having to buy a new battery because yours drained to the point of no return is enough.  How do you winterize your motorcycle?

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