Travel in general can be a headache but traveling during the holiday season can go from headache to migraine really fast.  The amount of people trying to get from one place to another amplifies whether it's via the airlines or even on the roads.  Add to that the chance if inclement weather causing delays, and frustration can mount quickly.

This year I'm staying planted in the Twin Ports but for those that are traveling I offer my go to tips to make holiday travel a little less stressful.  These actually can help with traveling most times of the year too:

1.  Be Polite

Call it being polite, or nice, or kind, you know what I mean.  This will bring you far in just about any aspect of life,  Chances are whoever you come across while holiday traveling might be having just as rough or frustrating of a time as you, so be nice, or try to be.  Even a smile can go a long way with airport workers, restaurant staff, or even the seemingly rude guy who tries to cut in line because his timeline is of course more important than everyone else's.

2.  Fly Direct

If you are flying that is.  Sometimes you have to book more in advance to snag up the good direct flights but doing so can save major headache with possible connection delays.  On one of my trips out to New York several years back because of having multiple connections and just one being delayed, I missed seeing Conan on the night U2 was performing.  With a direct flight, I probably would have made it.  Multiple connection flights are the only ones too that I have had my luggage delayed in getting to my destination when I was already there.

3.  Get up Early

Don't just get up early, try to travel earlier too.  Beat those late risers and you'll most likely end up with less road traffic if driving and being early at the airport is never a bad thing.  When flying, I routinely make a point to get to my airline terminal to beat the pack of last minute people.  I always feel less rushed even if it means waiting an extra hour before boarding.

4.  Pack Light

This can be easier said than done especially if traveling with children or a significant other who thinks they need 6 pair of shoes for 4 days, and 2 of those days they know we are not going out and about once at our destination.  I've been there in case you didn't get that.  I'll admit that I often over pack myself but the more luggage you have the more there is to keep track of and worry about losing and also hauling around.

5.  Stay Home

Or at least stay local.  Is that a travel tip though?  Sure, in theory this will make for less stress, just skip the travel.  Skip the lines, the traffic, the delays, and the getting up early.  Make people come to you.  That of course can lead to another whole list of tips, but we'll save that for later.

What helps you have less stress when traveling for the holidays?

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