When I was playing Lenny Kravitz on Sasquatch 106.5 recently I was wondering what he was up to since there hasn't been much new stuff from him in a while and I went to Goggle Town in search.  What I found out was he was actually working on a new album but kind of had the not going to rush it and do his own thing on his own timeline vibe with it.

Lenny has just released a brand new single that will be on his forthcoming album, which will be titled "Raise Vibration" and is the eleventh studio album from Kravitz.  The new song is titled "Low" and actually features recordings of Michael Jackson on it.

The Jackson vocals were recorded when in the studio together working on the song "(I Can't Make it) Another Day".

Lenny Kravitz is currently touring in Europe and that wraps in July and then he pops over to the states for a few festival shows.

What do you think of his new song?

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