In early June, Lenny Kravitz released a new single and a music video to go with it.  The track titled "Low", was his first release from his upcoming 11th studio album which will be titled "Raise Vibration".  I posted that video in a previous blog here, and the cool thing about it is the song actually features vocals from Michael Jackson.

This alternate video to go along with the song is the product of director Jean-Baptiste Mondino's vision for the track.  It definitely gives a different vibe when you listen to the song while watching this video versus the original.  I think they both work well with the music.  Kravitz is at the point in his career and has been for a while where he gets to do pretty much whatever he wants and definitely uses that expressional freedom he has earned.

Lenny's new album is due out on September, 7th.  Which video to accompany the song "Low" do you like better?

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