The Oakes Avenue Super One store in Superior has just finished up a major remodel. It was difficult at times getting around the store during the construction, but in the end it appears to have paid off. They've added an Ace Hardware to the building. I've been inside the hardware twice, and each time I've been pleasantly surprised with the service.

Sometimes when you need just a quick hardware item (nuts, bolts, duct tape, small tool) it's nice to be able to pop into a store where you don't have to walk city blocks around to find your item. There's also something to be said about a place where you can go and get actual hardware like nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc without buying package kits or an individually wrapped plastic bolts.

Each time I walk in the store I'm greeted by the well staffed store. They ask right away if I need any help and I jump at the opportunity for them to show me where something is and save me some time. They took their time with me and helped me get what I need and get me on my way. That doesn't always happen when you go to a large department store. It's nice to be approached to see if you need help, rather than chase down an employee.

It's a great location as well to have another hardware store in town, and I'm glad it's an shopping option for us in Superior.



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