If you recently bought a lottery ticket from the Minnesota State Lottery in the Duluth area, you really need to check your tickets as two winning tickets were recently sold that are ready to pay out a total of $70,000 to their lucky owners.

The biggest payout is $50,000 from a Minnesota State Lottery Powerball ticket that was sold in Hermantown. The other winning ticket was a Lotto America ticket worth $20,000 that was sold in Duluth.

The $50,000 Minnesota State Lottery Powerball ticket was sold at a Hermantown Kwik Trip, located at 4805 Miller Trunk Highway, which is right by Menards.

The Lotto America winning ticket worth $20,000 was sold at the Miller Hill Super One, located at 5401 Burning Tree Road in Duluth.

According to the Minnesota State Lottery website, prizes for both of these winning amounts can be claimed by mail:

Prizes up to and including $50,000 can be claimed by mail. We recommend keeping a copy of the front and back of your ticket for your records and that you use registered mail.

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Once they verify they are a cash winner, lottery winners simply fill out an online claim form to begin the process of getting paid. You can click the button below to check for winning lottery numbers and to get more details.

Now the scramble is on for people across the Northland to try and find Powerball and Lotto America tickets they recently purchased and hope they didn't end up somewhere like the washing machine or the garbage as these are some nice paydays for the winners.

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