Nikki Sixx achieved some of his greatest success with Mötley Crüe in the '80s, but he doesn't miss those days — partly because he doesn't remember many of them.

"Not much," Sixx told Team Rock when asked what he remembers of those years. "They were challenging. I don’t understand why I could only do one or two things, when I can do so many now."

Those challenges were largely due to Sixx's infamously rough lifestyle — something he's more than willing to cop to these days. Conceding that he "had some very good times on drugs," he mused, "There was a lot of negative energy. Rebellion is fatiguing to the rebel. It’s like the boxer who goes in just swinging, he wears himself out. These days I like to go 12 rounds."

While he may not remember chunks of the '80s, Sixx is clear enough regarding the guy he used to be to know he's happier now. Asked what he'd change if he could go back, he answered, "Some of my a--hole behavior when I was younger. I was never very good at being an a--hole. I always felt bad about it afterwards." And as for any advice he might have for his younger self? "Try not to snort Colombia."

Offering a little proof that he's at least more diplomatic these days, Sixx could only laugh when asked to name the former bandmates he'd throw off if they were trapped in a three-man lifeboat. "Do I have to answer this question?" asked Sixx before jokingly adding, "I’d throw myself to the sharks for the betterment of Mötley Crüe."

Sixx's latest release, the Sixx:A.M. album Prayers for the Blessed Vol. 2, is due out Nov. 18.

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