The temps in Duluth can get pretty high in the summer and people turn to local swimming holes to cool off. Is there a clothing optional swimming hole in the area?

A few years ago, a Duluth woman was challenging if it was illegal or not to be topless at the Park Point Beach. There is also a clothing optional campground about a hour away from Duluth.

I grew up in Duluth and would always try to find the best swimming spots to go to. As a kid, my friends and I loved going to "the deeps" and jumping off the rocks into the water. Some of my favorite memories were at those swimming holes off the Lester River.

Legend has it, there is actually a "nude" swimming spot also off the Lester River. The Boreal Voyager has a nice map that lists 'Nude Swimming Hole Falls' in between 'Two Sisters Falls' and 'Shallows Falls'.

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I have never personally used the nude swimming hole before and I'm not sure if it even exists anymore. But I remember hearing that you could see that particular swimming hole off an overlook on the main loop of the Lester Trail.

Speaking of the deeps, I haven't been there since I was a kid. However, I did come across this video that brought back some memories:

Again, I'm not sure if the nude swimming hole exists, but it is definitely something of Duluth Legend. If it does exist, and you go there, please be respectful of people. Also, if you go to the deeps, please jump with caution as many have been injured over the years.

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