COVID-19 Coronavirus has changed a lot of things for a lot of people.  People are working from home or just home and not working at all.  Easter is basically cancelled for everyone too and so have a lot vacation plans.  We were supposed to be in Vegas from March, 22nd-26th, and we had to cancel that.

The trip was booked a couple of months ago through Expedia and as it got closer to our flight out we still thought it might happen, then Vegas basically closed.  We held off as long as we could hoping that Spirit Airlines and Sun Country would just cancel the flights so we could get a full refund and not just credit.  About 5 days before we were supposed to leave, Expedia sent an email saying we had to cancel.

I spent hours prior to their email, trying to talk to Expedia for answers and options but the phone lines were crazy backed up.  They eventually offered a callback option and when they called there was a system error message and it hung up.  So I cancelled the room portion online, that was no problem, and they said they would refund our hotel stay money within a month.  Spirit and Sun Country were not so giving in the money return.

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Spirit was our flight out and would only offer airline credit good for us to book a flight within another 6 months.  We don't have to fly in that time, just book for another date.  What is frustrating is it wasn't just the flight, they also credited the bags we paid for and the seats on the plane.  Yes, it's nice to get the credit but the cash back on at least those would have been nice.

Sun Country, our flight home from Vegas, was the same as Spirit however they gave us 1 year to book something else.  They also kept our money for the seats and bags, returning it as credit.  I get that these companies have to make money, but given what was going on, in my opinion, the money should have been returned as cash.

Did you have to cancel a trip because of the pandemic?

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