We're about a week away from bombing down to Las Vegas for a few days getaway from snowy Northern Minnesota.

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In my opinion, going to Vegas in early March isn't exactly prime weather down there.  It will probably be in the 70s for the highs which means colder at night, especially if the wind is kicking.  My wife and I would prefer the closer to 90s type weather, but even what the temps are going to be, is a break from here.  I will still be able to wear a t-shirt on the strip while enjoying a Lovo Cigar and some kind of decent bourbon.

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What should you pack when leaving for a Vegas trip from the Twin Ports in March?  Well, it of course depends on what you're going to be doing down there.  Here's some things to think about if heading that way:



Now, I personally won't be packing this, even though my skin currently makes me look like I drink blood and sleep all day.  It won't be on my list because of what we're doing there, some gambling, cocktails, and just getting away.  If we were Mexico bound, or even Vegas in July bound it would be on our list.  It maybe should be on yours though if you plan to get out golfing, hiking, or in those less covered areas.


Pocket on jeans ,Jeans texture

You know, slacks, trousers, jeans, some kind of leg coverings other than shorts.  If you're one of the psychos from the Twin Ports that wears shorts in the winter, then you'll be okay.  If you're in the group of us that layer up all winter long, don't think Vegas with highs in the 70s is going to be shorts weather the whole time.  Especially if you will be out at night, I highly suggest at least a couple of pairs of pants for your adventures around Sin City.


Close up portrait of brunette woman in a sunglasses.

This should go without saying, but I've traveled with many people that forget their sunglasses, especially if they don't wear them every day like me.  You can of course buy cheapies or even expensive ones when you get there but Vegas is bright.  Between the lights and the sun, they are a must have.  It's also nice to have a pair if you're nursing a hangover any or all mornings that you are there.

Hydration Supplies

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Even if you're not that big of a drinker, Vegas air is dry.  While you might not be sweating out a lot like our humid Minnesota summers, you need to stay hydrated.  Things like GatoradePowerade, and even bottled water are easy to find in Vegas, but I prefer a faster route.  I always pack something like Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder in my bag.  Just mix it with some water and sip away to bring you back to decent hydration when Vegas kicks your butt.

All of this stuff on the list is of course things you can buy right in Vegas, but if you already have them, why not save that coin for gambling or shows.  What would you add to this list?

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