Being someone who is a major animal lover this is very hard for me to read and process what has happened here. I am so disgusted that in this day and age animals are still used for testing for a number of things from makeup to medicines. And what is it with beagles that these breeders send off not only the mothers but these adorable puppies! Thankfully there are groups out there trying to put a stop to this.

The Wisconsin Humane Society has taken in 62 beagles 9 mothers and 53 puppies from a group that rescued them from a breeding facility in Cumberland Virginia where they were bred for research purposes.  All of the dogs were examined and placed in Foster homes within 2 hours.

According to FOX11 NEWS: "The move is part of a larger effort; the Humane Society of the U.S. is working to remove approximately 4,000 beagles from an Envigo RMS LLC facility in Virginia. Dogs were bred there to  be sold to laboratories for experimentation, according to WHS."

I cannot even imagine how overwhelming it must be to try and rescue these dogs and puppies, but then the enormous amount of medical care they will need and to find placement for them all as well. Thank goodness for organizations like this, not only were the poor dogs subjected to a life of torture and sadness, but they had to endure nightmare conditions at the breeder.

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In May of this year, a lawsuit was filed against the breeder which accused the facility of violating the Animal Welfare Act. Inspections revealed dozens of violations including lack of proper veterinary care and food, euthanasia without anesthesia as well as unsanitary living conditions. This makes my stomach turn, how can humans be so incredibly cruel? Thank goodness this company is now closed!

On a happier note, the beagles being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society will all be up for adoption once are old enough (puppies) and healthy enough to be placed.

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