As far as families go and family trees or history, some people are incredibly curious to know more about their roots.

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For me, I've never been curious enough to explore that using for example one of the many paid services offered online.  Admittedly, as much as I have spent money on less worthy ventures, I think my biggest hang up is I don't care enough to spend much on researching my family.

Also along those lines, I personally know people who have run into finding out things they maybe didn't want to know.  In particular finding out they aren't actually a blood related sibling to someone.  For me, that wouldn't be a bother as I don't look at family as a blood relation connection.  I have plenty of people that are close friends I consider family more than some of my blood family.  Though, to some, it's a big deal finding out there isn't blood relation.

If you are curious, and want to see how inexpensively you can explore your family history, the Duluth Public Library is hosting a free event to help you in a quest to do just that.

Libraries in themselves are a great way to lookup your family through articles, newspapers, and various other avenues.  To aid you, on Tuesday September 19th, members of the Twin Ports Genealogical Society will be on-site from 6:00PM-7:30PM.

Along with other experts, they will be teaching about resources available at the library and beyond that can help you chase that family lineage.

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