Actually, there are many out there and available to help with the planning of your big day.  My brain didn't think of using one, as I'm still one of those "I'll just write it down" types.

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My version of writing anything down I need to remember to help with organization involves about 15 loose pages that are all over the place.  Add to that my chicken scratch writing, and it's a mess.  I'm fortunate to have a soon to be wife that is the opposite of me, at least in the organization department.

It wasn't even 24 hours after I proposed that I was getting an app invite link sent to me.  She was on top of the whole process, and that's good because even with a smaller wedding, there is a lot to remember to do.  The app she got us setup on is called WeddingHappy.  It's a great way to start the planning as it includes things you might not have thought of.  The top of it lists the tasks you have completed, the ones left to get done, vendors you need to hire, and even the payments you have made.

Included in the app of course is the guest list and the option to even search for vendors such as florists and photographers.  It's made the whole process a lot more streamlined and organized, which reduces the stress level of planning an important day.  Technology is great, and I highly suggest you find a wedding planning app if you're going to be getting hitched.

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