Less than 24 hours from the time that I am writing this, I will get married to my best friend.  It's been a long week though, and that's my fault.

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One thing I'm good at is procrastination, and while I did less of that leading up to our nuptials than I do with most things, there was still some of that.  I also ended up in urgent care not feeling quit well and chose to work four days this week.  Three of the days were out of necessity because I had unbreakable work obligations, the fourth day was me wanting to make money, and I had the fifth off, kind of.

I say "kind of" because my gig other than radio doesn't like to acknowledge that you're off when you are.  In the midst of running to see my barberess at Untangled Salon, and various other pre-wedding errands, I was bombarded with phone calls, texts, and emails all day.  While I will be billing accordingly for those, it still really jammed me up with the last minute wedding pieces to put together.  We also ran into a couple of snags which is bound to happen with so many moving parts to the big day.

So my advice is, if you have the time and can afford to, take at least two days off before your wedding.  One more day "off" for me would have been enough to reduce the stress some and I wish I had taken it.  Another thing I learned is that if people offer help, take as much as you can to help ease the stress, so your big day is awesome.

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