The Fairlawn Mansion will have a great event this coming week specially designed for children with autism and special needs.  Titled "Quiet Santa" the staff work hard to keep the event tailored and customized for each family allowing a very low-key Santa visit.  Events like this have been popping up all over the country in recent years and have proved to be very successful in providing a low stress meeting Santa scenario, making it possible for whole families to enjoy the experience.

The Quiet Santa event takes place on the first floor of Fairlawn Mansion which is handicap accessible and it is also totally free.  They will also be allowing photography those evenings and it starts on November, 14th and runs through November, 16th and is from 5PM-7PM each evening.  You can get more information on this and other Fairlawn events by calling them at 715-394-5712 and Fairlawn Mansion is located at 906 East Second Street in Superior, WI.


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