After a year of COVID changing everything or closing it, Shoot For Fun is back and opens for 2021 to benefit Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Northland announced that this year’s Shoot for Fun event will be back in person and taking place on Saturday, September 11, 2021, And registration is now open to take part in this unique event.

Shoot For Fun is moving back to the traditional format will have a few adjustments to ensure the safety of our guests, clients, and staff. According to the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Northland website, for the past 23 years, this annual event has drawn 450 avid hunting and sporting clay enthusiasts.

This year, teams of five will have the chance to partake in a round of sporting clays at the nationally renowned Old Vermilion Trail Hunting Preserve, where the event has been held in past years.

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Shoot For Fun raises money and raises awareness and helps give adults with disabilities a chance to show they have abilities and participate. Many kids with a  wide range of physical disabilities now have an opportunity to be active and participate in a variety of different sports and be able to have no limits.

.For more info, you can Contact Eric Larson at or 218-726-4762, Ext. 4.

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