There was no way that the University of Minnesota Duluth would be able to ignore the uproar surrounding the new mascot costume that was revealed last week and hit with a giant thud on the masses.

Apparently, the folks at UMD did some reflecting over the long holiday weekend and decided that changing the mascot was a mistake after all and announced plans for its eventual replacement but only after they "build an inclusive process to update the Champ costume." Yes, even the replacement of a mascot costume has to be classified as "inclusive" in 2022.

For the time being the previous, much loved, grey bulldog mascot will be back, at least for the current school year. No word on what will happen to the hideous yellow, Winnie the Pooh-looking costume will end up, but keep an eye out at Savers or the Goodwill. Heck, I will offer $100 for that costume, Ian needs something new to wear for morning show stunts.

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The process to replace the Champ mascot costume will be for the University Marketing and Public Relations departments to work with a committee of students, alumni, fans, and supporters to get input and check out new concepts for the Champ costume.

According to the University, the new Champ costume will, "honor the rich history and tradition of the Champ mascot, considers modern enhancements like cooling features for the safety of the performer, and aligns with our maroon and gold brand."

They also say that there will "be opportunities for members of the campus and community to participate in the selection process." So maybe they are planning on doing a vote between two selections from the committee to decide the final new look.

If being on the committee is something that interests you, go ahead and go here to submit your information. Go Bulldogs! If you missed what the new mascot looked like, here is the original announcement video.

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