You're probably thinking that it's too early to be talking Christmas being that it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

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Well, for many people including myself, that would be accurate.  It's going to be an interesting year though.  With supply issues all over the world, several news outlets and economists have already stated that you should do your Christmas shopping early.  Without them stating that, anyone who has been to just about any store could probably figure out that supply chains are not what we are used to.

For the Christmas season, I like to give the reminder to skip the big box stores either online or in person.  Not only that, instead of giving just "stuff", think about giving experiences instead.  If the "stuff" route is more of your style, that's okay, but try to Keep it local.  There are plenty of local artists and product creators that live in or around the Twin Ports, or just about any area anywhere.  Handmade, and one-off items are unique and can be something that someone hard to buy for, like me, will appreciate a bit more.

As far as giving experiences instead of stuff, I'm personally getting our currently nine, and soon to be ten year old Annie tickets at the Norshor Theater for her birthday.  Then she will be receiving range time at Dead On Arms for Christmas.  Two gifts that help to support local businesses and are things she will remember and maybe even teach her a thing or two.

So for this year, think about those friends of yours who you know that have side hustles.  Or check out Duluth Loves Local for great ways you can support small businesses this Christmas.

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