Every year I hear about people who want to take a Basic Rider Course to learn how to ride a motorcycle, or maybe just sharpen up some skills.  The problem is, classes in the Twin Ports area fill up fast, and people drag their feet with the signing up.

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The Basic Rider Course is what I took back in the day, and it's great because if you didn't grow up riding dirt bikes, the course teaches you everything.  It's fast paced, but very educational.  I even had people in my class that had ridden for thirty years, that claim they learned new things in it.

At the time of writing this it's the middle of February, but classes begin as early as April.  They almost always fill the classes, as I mentioned, so if you're even kind of considering getting in on it, you might want to get your sign-up on now.

The Basic Rider Course really is invaluable, and having completed it might even get you a break on your insurance, depending on who you use for coverage.  One of the places offering courses in Duluth is Lake Superior College.  Before taking the Lake Superior College Basic Rider Course, you will need a motorcycle permit if you are a Minnesota resident, but that's just a written test.  If you then successfully complete the course and pass the riding test, you will be able to go to the DMV and get your license.

If you're reading this and not in the Twin Ports area, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has information about additional courses offered around the State of Minnesota.  If you have ever wanted to learn to ride, don't miss you chance in 2022 and have to wait until next year for a class.

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