Call your girlfriend, it's time you had the talk. She will never be as awesome as this weird Swedish dancing alien nymph who somehow pulls off a blonde bowl cut, and it's not fair for you to know that and continue this charade.

Everyone pretty much knows about Robyn, by now -- she's all over the radio and was on SNL. The cast of SNL was so excited to have her that they re-created her entire 'Call Your Girlfriend' video, shot-for-shot, and it's awesome:

If you don't know her, Robyn (born Robin Miriam Carlsson) is a 33-year-old Swedish recording artist who first became popular in the late 90s with this hit single 'Show Me Love,' which you may remember from such films as 'Dancing Awkwardly at the 8th Grade Dance,' starring you:

After that, she kind of disappeared from the American music scene until her 2010 three-part release, Body Talk Pt 1, 2 and 3. The albums include the hit singles 'Dancing on my Own,' 'Call Your Girlfriend,' and 'Indestructible,' but every track is flawless -- three years later, it is still in my top 5 most-listened-to albums.

Sure, Robyn looks a little bit like a pretty alien, but she's also confident, sexy, and an unbelievably weird and talented dancer. She also wears the tightest pants, ever. She is one of two women that I would totally switch teams for.*

Also, this is my theme song, forever:

*The other one is Christina Hendricks, because who wouldn't?