Apparently the Kool-Aid stand business is a little messy.  A stand-off between two competing stands run by groups of kids in Superior got testy enough on the evening of June 2 that a Douglas County Sheriff was needed to diffuse the situation.

According to details published by the Superior Telegram, the incident started as innocent child play.  A Kool-Aid stand was already established at the corner of 21st Street and Aspen Lane.  Soon, a similar competing  stand was set up by a group of kids a couple of blocks down at 21st Street and Linden Lane.  That's when things started to escalate.

Apparently, according to the news story, a group of kids from the original stand (the one near Aspen Lane) went over to the new competing stand with "a squirt gun full of Kool-Aid and spray[ed] it all over the Aspen Lane group". By all accounts the war had been "friendly" but somewhere along the line it must have rubbed someone the wrong way.  The Telegram article details that the kids "were throwing the sugary beverage around and at vehicles".

Someone called the sheriff.  Deputy Cynthia Strange spoke to the kids who detailed their side of the story to the authorities.  "By the time the deputy arrived, both stands were ready to close for the night and one of the children involved had left to shower because he was soaked in Kool-Aid".

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While if the reports of Kool-Aid being thrown at cars was true - that wouldn't be something to laugh at or take lightly.  But nonetheless, if it was just "childs play", perhaps the deputy's final actions were justified; the article relates that she "left the decision up to the parents to further handle the situation".

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