A rebuild of the intersection of Highway 105, Tower Avenue (Highway 35), and 61st Street  in south Superior enters its next phase on Monday, June 7 as it closes to traffic.  The closure is necessitated by the work being performed to transform the busy intersection.  A signed detour will be in place to route drivers who need to travel through the intersection on Highway 105 - either eastbound or westbound.

The work is part of a plan to make significant improvements to the busy intersection that often sees traffic backups - especially on Highway 105 as drivers wait their turns to travel north or south on Tower Avenue.  Additionally, a few businesses have turn-ins and driveways located right near the intersection and a railroad track crosses Tower Avenue just to the south (a half block) of the intersection.  Community residents have voiced their opinions about the busy and dangerous nature of the intersection for many years. Once the improvements being done by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are finished, drivers can expect to see a variety of raised medians, designated turn-lanes, and traffic signals at the intersection to improve its drivability.

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Work on the Highway 105/Tower Avenue (Highway 35)/61st Street intersection began at the onset of the summer road construction season - on May 3.  Work crews performed a variety of prop-work to get the site ready for the major work.  Now as the project enters a different phase, the closure of the intersection began on June 7.  According to the timeline released by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the work is expected to be complete by the middle of August.



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