I don't spend the time I should with my dad, especially up at the deer shack which is his favorite place.  When I bought 2 new guns recently and was going to go shoot them with my lady, I invited Dad too.  Where I shoot is close to the deer shack so it was pretty easy to convince him.

It was muggy and the bugs were bad, but I was determined to try out my new Smith pistol and Mossberg shotgun.  Also my trusty Glock hadn't had any rounds through it in a while.  I can't remember the last time I had this much fun shooting.  The highlight was shooting my Glock  .40 against my Dad with his .243 Remington.  Now, he is a better shot but I held my own considering I was on a pistol.  He even threw clay pigeons for me to burn up some older bird shot I had in the new Mossberg 500, which I think he enjoyed more than shooting.

My Dad also took the time to show my girlfriend his deer rifles, show her how to load them and let her shoot those too.  What was most fun for me was watching him have fun.  We all had a great time and I am definitely going to make a point to spend more time with him at or close to his favorite place.

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