Scrolling through YouTube the other day, I noticed a video pop up about The State of Wisconsin.

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I was intrigued as for some reason the town I lived in was referenced and I assumed it would be listed in the video list.  The video was titled "10 Places in Wisconsin You Should NEVER Move to."

I tried scroll through to find the City of Superior, but I didn't see it, so I had to watch the whole video.  While Superior didn't show up as promised, probably because of YouTube advertising BS, a town close by was number nine on the list.

Stating that this town on Lake Superior has "Beautiful summers", it started off not too bad.  Then it goes into reference drug use, lack of shopping options, people not earning much, and a pretty high crime rate.

The town it's talking about is Ashland, Wisconsin.  While I have dated a couple of crazies from there, I don't really think of it as that bad of a place.  But it's also not on a destination list for me pretty much ever unless we have a grad party or wedding to attend there.  I usually roll right through it on the motorcycle on my way to Michigan.

The upside stated in the video was that the schools are decent at least, so it does have some positives going for it.  Most of the other Wisconsin cities in the list didn't surprise me, just the one that's closest to home for me that I didn't really think of as a bad place.

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