I've been slacking on seeing all of the movies I would like while they are in theaters but part of that is unless it's a major block buster like Avengers: Endgame, it doesn't seem like movies are staying in the theater as long as they used to.  I'm a pretty big Marvel Universe fan so I had to catch the latest Spider-Man on the big screen.

I pulled in a friend and her daughter for the movie experience, and somehow ended up watching it on the Ultra Screen which is not what my tickets said when I purchased them online.  It was okay on that screen but the seats are old and dated and the Ultra Screen is never my first choice after experiencing the Dream Lounger Seats.

The run time for this movie is two hours and ten minutes and there wasn't a point in it where I was bored.  There was lots of looking back at Endgame events and characters, and drop ins from the Marvel Universe that most any fan can appreciate.  The plot was decent, though it was borderline too much whiny Spidey for me.  I get he's trying to figure out his place in things going forward but it was too much in the over two hours for my liking.

The humor in this wasn't quite what it has been in the other Marvel films, but still a few chuckles throughout.  It's definitely aimed more at the kids than adults.  I kind of wish they would pull off an R-rated version of a Spider-Man along the Logan or Deadpool lines, but I doubt that will ever happen.  Still, Far From Home is a good popcorn flick as I like to say.  Decent action, a decent story, and a good pace to munch on some popcorn, sip your soda, and kill two hours and not regret it.  Do I need to see it again?  Probably not, but if it was on and I was around it wouldn't be the worse thing.

Did you see it?  What did you think?

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