I grew up geeking out to Star Trek and Star Wars, and Trek I've always been a bigger fan of, probably because there is so much more content to soak up.  Between all of the films no matter the timeline they are based on, and Trek getting full on television shows, it's content heavy.  A couple of years ago, CBS All Access released a new Star Trek show called Discovery.  I enjoyed it since it's been so long since Trek had a current running TV show, but then they announced Star Trek: Picard.

I knew from the first trailer I would like it, then a second, and finally a third and they all got me kid on Christmas Day excited.  Picard was released on January 23rd, available only on the CBS All Access streaming service.  If you aren't in the US, it's available through your Amazon Prime account.

Episodes are released once a week and the first one was good, but too short.  It's been years since we've seen Patrick Stewart in his Jean-Luc Picard roll and a forty six minute episode was not nearly enough to cover what they should have.  Now, I understand they will reveal more over time, but I was kind of hoping for one of those over an hour long mini movie type openings.

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The pace of the first episode is decent and if you are familiar enough with Star Trek: The Next Generation, you will get all kinds of feels over the elements they are already getting into.  If you aren't the biggest fan it may not be for you, time will tell if the action and story are enough to pull in the casual Trek watcher.  For me, it's a five out of five stars.  To be honest though, I was so giddy for it, if it was a whole season of hour long episodes of Picard drinking Earl Grey Tea overlooking his vineyard, I'd rate it the same.

If you haven't seen Discovery of Picard yet, maybe sign up for the CBS All Access trial and see what you think, then you'll have two seasons and a week or two of Picard to watch.

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