Star Trek: Picard has entered the third and final season and so far, it is gearing up to deliver what fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation(TNG) want to see.  Basically, a massive reunion of cast member favorites, and some catching up and closure to parts of those character's storylines.

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Other than some books, after TNG, we really were left in the dark as to what happened to most of the crew.  Star Trek: Picard has at least given us the opportunity to catch up with Jean-Luc Picard and his adventures as Admiral.

While I'm excited to see where the season takes us, I'll admit I'm already a little disappointed.  I might be playing Captain Negative here, but for the first episode of the final season, it's only 55 minutes long.  Plus, the season is only slated for 10 episodes.  Let's assume each is around the hour or so mark long, that's really not enough for this Trekkie.  Out of the gate, the first episode should have and easily could have rocked up to or past the 1.5-hour mark.  Hell, they should have popped a two-hour banger out of the gate to appease the fanatics that have been fans of these characters for years.

I won't go much into the plot of episode 1, titled "The Next Generation", but I'll say it rejoins Picard and Riker once again.  Almost giving you the Original Star Trek movie vibes of breaking the rules to help old friends.  It also has the vibes given from the trailers and episode 1 that it's going to take a dark path.  Most likely leading to the loss of at least one if not several TNG favorite cast members by the end.  Despite the short length, it's still good and will keep your attention for the not quite hour of entertainment.  There is action, humor, and nostalgia to keep you engaged.

If you haven't caught any of Star Trek: Picard at this point, and the Paramount Plus membership is what was holding you back, signing up now might be a good idea.  Otherwise, the final season if Picard ends in April, and then you could easily sign up and go to binge town on all three seasons.  If you were even a casual fan of TNG, Picard is worth a watch to bring you back to some of the Enterprise-D crew.

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