Steve-O has been around for many years as a stunt performer and entertainer, mostly known for his involvement with the television show Jackass.  That show led to several movies and also spin-off shows.

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Along with the film and TV work, Steve-o goes on tour on occasion and is currently traveling the country on his 'The Bucket List Tour'.  When a Duluth, Minnesota stop was announced, I snagged tickets for a few of us that I knew would appreciate how crazy this show would be.

Advertised as 'XXX' rated, and knowing the content discussed on the Wild Ride Podcast, this isn't just a show for anyone and it's certainly not a show for kids.  Still, I didn't fully know what to expect.

Slated for a 7:00PM start time, we arrived at 6:00PM which was way too early, though it gave us time to pound a couple more beers before heading into the venue.  Part of not rushing in to get seated right away was the incredible people watching.  The crowd there to see Steve-O was better than going to the monster trucks, a tractor pull, and Walmart as far as people watching goes.  The lines "my mother is my sister" and "cousin lovers" rolled through my head for most of the evening.  We were in our seats by 6:45 with the smell of Axe Body Spray, weed, and body odor circling the room.

Instead of starting at 7:00, a video was playing on a screen in the DECC Symphony Hall, showing clips of Steve-O stunts, his podcast, and trying to get us to buy merch.  At about 7:24 an opening act of sorts in the form of Dave England appeared and told some stories to get things rolling.  Not long after, Steve-O appeared and kicked things off with his signature "Yeah Dude".

The show was basically Steve-O telling stories about things he wanted to cross off his bucket list like insane and crazy stunts, a lot of which wouldn't fly on YouTube.  After each story, he would then show clips of him performing or attempting to perform each stunt.  I won't go into too much detail on them, but they are definitely XXX, with plenty of nudity, human feces, self pleasure, and some really brutal body abuse.  There were for sure some cringe-worthy moments that made the show incredible.

For around $60.00 per ticket for decent seats, it was worth the price of admission and I'm sure everyone in my crew would go see him again.  If you went, what did you think?

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