If you've searched recipes for Blackstone griddles, there's a pretty good chance you've seen one from Robbie. He's a TikTok content creator that lives right here in Superior, Wisconsin. Robbie Janowicz started doing his Blackstone videos at the perfect time, right when the popularity was peaking. He's had millions of views and plenty of people coming back, as he is now reaching close to 1 million followers in a relatively short amount of time.

The video that really got the ball rolling was where he taught people how to make a hash brown omelet. Robbie has 4.6 Million views on that one. It turns out I've been seeing his videos for quite a while, and I didn't realize he was even in Superior.

I got the chance to interview Robbie and talk about his background and how this all came together. When Robbie was young, he worked as a dishwasher at a café. One day they were short handed and they needed someone on the line, so they grabbed Robbie and put him to work. He was a quick learner. The café he worked at made hash brown omelets, and Robbie made thousands of them. He got to be pretty good with a griddle, and he's come up with some pretty Blackstone recipes.

Like, who the heck would ever think of wrapping a breakfast burrito with a melted cheese shell?

All I know is that I need an invite to breakfast at their house. Or any meal, Blackstones are great for breakfast but he's also come up with some pretty cool ideas for lunch and dinner. Check out these Philly Cheese Steaks!

Robbie's TikTok account as of today has roughly 854,400 followers. His videos have been liked over 12 million times. He's also putting content on YouTube and Instagram as well, where he's steadily growing there as well.

Robbie plans to keep the videos coming, all starting off with his signature True North Café "Hey 'der guys..." Robbie has recently renovated a new studio kitchen area for his videos. It looks pretty slick, and Robbie says it will be more functional for YouTube videos.

True North Café also is nearing 50k followers on Instagram. 

I asked Robbie about what kind of tips he has for people who are new to their Blackstone or flat griddle. His advice was to not over think cleaning it. He also said to just grab a pound of bacon and just start cooking on it to get a good season. When you're done cleaning it, Robbie says just to spray the top with Pam and wipe it in. No need to get any fancier than that.

Check out Robbie's videos on his True North Café channels on TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram!

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