Discussion and action on a proposed change to the way firearm sales are handled in the City of Superior has been postponed - at least for the time being.  Members of the Superior Planning Commission were expected to deliberate the matter at their meeting on June 15.

At issue is a "proposal to create a special use permit that would allow firearm sales outside of the central business district and manufacturing zones".  However, according to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall]. members of the Superior Planning Department "didn't have sufficient time to craft a new ordinance in advance of the Commission's meeting".

Plans to create a special use permit that would allow firearms sales outside of the already prescribed areas had advanced to the Superior City Council at an earlier meeting on June 7; and, an amended agenda was sent out and the ordinance change was expected to be deliberated.  However, the council kicked it back to the commission for a ruling to permit "firearm sales in highway commercial zones" or to "create a special use permit" that would allow those sales to occur there.

Now that the proposal is back to the Planning Department, they'll work to draft the wording of that ordinance so that's it's ready for its next step.  That next point of action will come on July 20 at the next meeting of the Planning Commission.  If it clears that hurdle, the ordinance change would advance to the Superior City Council for further discussion and an eventual vote.

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