What do you use the library for?  That's the question that administrators with the Superior Public Library are asking patrons and citizens.  A new online survey will be used to provide input into a new Strategic Plan for library services.

The survey is non-invasive, simply asking participants about their usage of, perception of, and ideas for future implementation at the Superior Public Library.  It's pretty short - taking somewhere between 5-10 minutes to complete - depending on how in-depth your responses are.  You can also remain completely anonymous.  However, if you provide an email address at the end of the survey, you're qualified to win one of three prizes that the Superior Public Library is giving away to survey takers:  A $25 gift card to Empire Coffee, Twisted Pastries, or Super One Foods.  (The contact email information isn't attached to your survey results - it's only used for drawing purposes only)

Officials with the Superior Public Library will be collected the survey results and compiling them into a new Strategic Plan for the future.  That plan will be unveiled in the Spring of 2020.

To take the online survey, click here.


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