No matter what side of the mask and social distancing debate you are on, options are somewhat limited for 2020 trick or treat events.  If you want to be extra safe, the Superior YMCA is offering an opportunity to snag some candy and remain decently distanced.

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It starts at Noon on Saturday, October 31st and will run until 2:00PM.  The drive-thru event will take place in the lower west parking lot of the building.  You can certainly have the kids dressed up, however to comply with safety guidelines to help keep everyone as safe as possible, all trick or treaters will need to stay in the vehicle.  No registration is required and staff members will be dressed up handing out the candy.

I did reach out to the Superior YMCA to see about getting some more information for the event.  They informed me that it's pretty straightforward and to just show up ready to snag some treats.  They are located at 9 North 21st Street and they have plenty to offer for the entire family.  There are youth development and healthy living programs, and they offer plenty of resources to help out in many ways.

You can get more information about what the Superior YMCA has to offer and find out how they are working to keep members safe from COVID-19 HERE.  You can also give them a call at: 715-392-5611.

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