dumb criminal

2012’s Dumbest Criminals Are Painfully Dumb
It turns out to make it onto a list of the dumbest criminals, you have to actually be pretty dumb. Granted, we can't all be masterminds, but it probably doesn't take much to know you shouldn't make a YouTube video boasting about the bank you just robbed. Or tweet about punching a guy …
Drunken Florida Man Has Best Mug Shot Ever
Since no one takes a pretty mug shot, why not make it a memorable one? That seems to have been the line of thought for a man from Florida (of course) who channeled Gene Simmons as officers held his head in place to take his booking photo.
Girlfriend’s Boobs Exposed Hacker
A girlfriend’s assets can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes they can get you out of a ticket or cut the line at a club, other times they can instigate fights or, worse, expose the location of your criminal activities.