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The All-Important NFL Picks- Week 7
It's hard to believe that we're already heading into week 7 of the NFL season, but teams are certainly displaying the usual wear and tear that comes with being a football team.  For example, Victor Cruz (torn patellar tendon) and Knowshon Moreno (torn ACL) were two of the most recent casualties to b…
The All-Important NFL Picks- Week 1
Finally, football has arrived!  After four weeks of flag-infested preseason games and backups abound, it's time to see the real stars of football in actual action (not that I don't like to see the average stringer every now-and-then).
NFC West 2014 Preview
For the last few seasons, the NFC West has been headlined by the rivalry and competitiveness of the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, perhaps the two best teams in the entire conference.
Peyton Manning Shares Sweet Moment With Media Member
As reporters fought their way up to Peyton Manning's booth to yell out questions at the Denver Broncos quarterback during Tuesday's Super Bowl media day, one member of the media, admittedly a huge Manning fan, caught his attention quickly when she put in a request...
NFL Draft Bust Busted
Most people will remember him as the quarterback that the Indianapolis Colts 'almost' drafted. Unfortunately for Ryan Leaf, many people will also remember him as the biggest flameout in NFL history.
Peyton Manning Decides on Signing with Denver Broncos
After tantalizing a number of quarterback-hungry teams around the NFL, Peyton Manning has decided on making Denver his new home.
Enormous amounts of attention has been paid to where the 35 year old quarterback would sign as he was in talks with a number of different teams around the league...

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