The Bayfield County Fair is one that I don't hit up every year, but every few at least.  Due to the COVID, it like many other events for 2020 are taking a virtual approach to do their part in helping keep people safe.  No, it's not as fun as going to the fair like normal, but at least it's something to still keep people involved in community events.

It happens August 6th-August 9th, and on a regular year would be in Iron River, WI.  This year they will have free entries and a fair food contest.  Exhibits and entries will be viewable online for the public and there will be various interactive online events and activities.

For the fair, Wisconsin residents can enter up to twelve items accompanied by a photo and/or video that will be judged and awarded premiums.  The deadline to enter your items is Friday, July 31st, so that's tomorrow at the time of writing this.

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Hopefully by next year everything can go back to a more normal format and we can be out and about enjoying that fair experience in person.  For now, at least it's something to help keep the kids busy for a couple of hours seeing all of the entries online and maybe give you a chance to work on your own deep fried Oreos at home.  You can get information on the virtual fair HERE.

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