It seems like only yesterday that I was excited for the Stanley Cup Playoffs to begin.  This year will be different I said. 

This is the year the Wild take the Cup I said.  This is the year we end the championship drought I said.  Well just a couple weeks into the NHL playoffs and the Minnesota sports fan is in a familiar place again.  No matter how much I get excited about my teams and their playoff chances I should just do the smart thing and accept failure.

We just don’t win.  We always lose.  We don’t just lose, we lose with style.  When is the last time that a Minnesota team lost a playoff game or series where you say, “It just wasn’t our time?”  That never happens, we lose spectacularly!  41-0, Brett Favre interception, Gary Anderson wide left, swept 4-0 by the Blackhawks, this is how we lose!

I know they say you have to keep the faith but I think mine is gone.  I can’t take the heartbreak anymore.  I can’t take Boston winning everything, I can’t take losing to the Packers anymore, and I can’t take losing to the Badgers in EVERYTHING!!

It’s always the same around here; wait until next year, next year it will be different.  The problem is that it never changes, it’s always the same.  No matter whom we hire the next coach gets the same results as the last.  Young and refreshing, old and recycled, inexperienced, a veteran, x and o guy, it never makes a difference who we hire.

Will there ever be one who is different?  Is the guy who was always overlooked the right guy to get us our championship?  Could Mike Zimmer be the right answer?  Probably not, but you have to keep the faith, right?  At least Minnesota fans can take solace in this; Wisconsin fans got a taste of what we go thru every year.  That’s a win in itself.  Not a championship, but we have to take what we can get!!