Maybe I'm getting to the age of the "get off my lawn" attitude, or maybe I'm just boring.  It's probably a little of both on why I don't really care to watch fireworks shows.

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First and foremost, know that if you're the person posting video after video of fireworks on your Snapchat, no one is watching that.  It's Skip Ville all day when that's in your story.  It's kind of like taking photos or video at concerts, do you want to watch it live or on your phone?

Second, I've only ever once or twice actually saw a fireworks show that I was impressed by.  They are so similar, and most shows are a bore. Save them for celebrating when a war is over or something like that.

With that being said, blasting off fireworks on the 4th of July is valid for what it stands for.  On the other end of it, you have to acknowledge the irony of how many "yay America and eff everyone else" people blast off fireworks made in China.

I know there are made in USA fireworks, and a lot of the bigger shows use those, but still.  If you're buying them at a roadside shack, a great majority come from oversees.  I will say, as much as I don't care for big fireworks show productions, I do like blasting off backyard fireworks, not matter where they are made, so I'm not a total grouch.

So back to my original thought, am I old and boring because I don't like watching the fireworks?  If you do like watching them, don't forget we have a Northland Fireworks Schedule you can check out for the Fourth week.

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