In just a few days millions of Americans will be celebrating Independence Day.

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Besides the BBQs, camping, boating, and four-wheeling plans that many have as part of their celebrating and time off of work, fireworks are often the center of party especially when the sun goes down.

If you're like many others, you might have purchased fireworks to use on your own and one of the legal types actually causes a great deal of injuries around the Fourth of July.

The oh so innocent sparklers that many of us light and hand to a kiddo to wave around can cause some pretty nasty burns.  So many in fact, the Duluth Fire Department issued a Facebook post as a reminder for the upcoming holiday:

As you can see, while they might seem decently harmless, the statistics don't lie on injury rates with sparklers.

If you are handing them off to the kids, make sure they are supervised, and you have a water source handy for extinguishing them.  Not only can they cause burns, but they can also of course start fires too.

Buy up all the fireworks you want for celebrating but please remember to be safe so your Fourth of July doesn't turn into an ambulance visit or a trip to the emergency room.

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