I have to give a shout out to a barbecue place that I tried for the first time yesterday while on a motorcycle ride. I was looking for a place to ride to where I could get dinner that wasn't too far from Superior. I had heard from a friend about a place in Solon Springs that had good barbecue, so I pointed my bike in that direction and head towards Hog Wild BBQ & Smokehouse.

It's located just north of Solon Springs on US Highway 53 on the east side of the road. This was literally the first time I have ever been in the building, which used to be a different restaurant years ago. (White Birch ring a bell? Anyone?)

It's a very nice place, as it looks clean and inviting as you walk in. There's a dining area to your left and a bar area on the right with some additional tables. We sat at the bar and ordered a drink and looked through the menu.

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They've got apps, sandwiches, and featured entrees and specials. I wish it had been Thursday night instead of Wednesday night, because they have prime rib on Thursday & Saturdays. Missed the special by a day!

My uncle was with me and he ordered the Hog Wild sandwich with fries. I had the brisket platter.

Drinks were good, and my uncle tried the best Bloody Mary in the north. He liked it, and it came with a bunch of different cheeses, olives, pickle, and a strip of smoked bacon. Not bad at all.

Before the food came out they brought us a basket of pork rinds with special Solon Slammin' sauce. They do their own bbq sauces and there wasn't any of them that I didn't like. My favorite was the sweet and spicy sauce.

Our food came out and it was a big platter as you can see above. It was a big pile of brisket, generous helping of mashed potatoes, and a cup of their firehouse beans. All of the food was good and for a platter that cost $22, I actually think it was a good value. I could only eat half and ended up bringing the rest home. The standout in the meal was the firehouse beans. Those were fantastic.

I hadn't heard much about this restaurant before, so I'm glad I got the tip from someone to check it out. I'll be back at Hog Wild again soon.

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