Since the temps are at least trying to remain better in the Twin Ports, many of us are starting to get that summer vibe.  We also seem to be pulling out of the global pandemic mess, so the warmer weather combined with that is helping many to be more active outdoors.

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If you're looking to get out and about exploring nature, how about hanging with a sweet pup while you're doing it?  A while back I posted about a Coon Hound named Daisy that needed some medical help, she got that thanks to people with big hearts, and per Wags & Kisses Rescue is now looking for her forever home.

Daisy is about 7 years old and is a big cuddle bug who likes kids, other dogs, and even cats.  She also needs a lot of love and patience as adjusting to a new home is a bit stressful on her for a few days.  Daisy is kennel trained and of course house trained and is a well behaved walking partner.  From the time I spent with Daisy, I'd say she is a moderately active dog.  As in, she can cuddle up and sleep all day but is also ready to go on adventures at a moments notice.  She would of course to better in a home with a larger fenced in yard, but is just fine going out on a leash.

Daisy is up for adoption with Wags & Kisses which is based out of the Twin Ports area.  They do a great job of rescuing dogs, getting them medical help if needed, and finding them good homes.  If you want to meet Daisy and see if she is a good fit for you and your family, you can get more information and talk to the rescue about her HERE.

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