December, 28th 2015 is when Lemmy Kilmister moved on from the plane of existence that we call life.  Lemmy, most know for his fronting and founding the band Motorhead.  Over 40 years they had 22 studio albums, several EPs, compilation albums, and live releases.  That doesn't include the previous work Lemmy did with other groups such as Hawkwind.  He definitely had a full career of rock and roll.

Lemmy embodied what I wish I could have been, a rock star.  He ate, slept, and breathed rock and roll.  He was rock and roll.  The sex, drugs, booze, hard hitting music, Lemmy did it all and did it the best.  If you were to look up the definition of a rock star, they should just have a picture of Lemmy.  Being as big of a fan as I am, I only had the privilege of seeing him and Motorhead live once.  That show though was one of the few over hundreds of concerts I have seen that gave me goosebumps.

While I never got to meet him or see him live more than once, he still lives on with this many recordings from over the years.  Motorhead is one of those bands I default to when I just need to forget life and have my ear holes pleasured.  The world lost a legend, an icon, a rock and roll god, when Lemmy passed.  Whenever you have a Jack and Coke, have it for Lemmy.

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