As far as allergies are concerned, I combat them for the most part year-round by taking Citirizine pills every day.

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For the most part, it knocks away the itchy eyes and nasal issues I get from pollen and pet dander exposure.  Still, even with medicine to help, sometimes, especially in spring, my allergies get pretty bad.

Other than one of the pill options out there to help you, there are other ways to reduce how uncomfortable or miserable allergies can make you.

Check the weather forecast

Most weather websites like The Weather Channel will have an actual Allergy Forecast available.  This can give you an outlook for current pollen counts from trees, grass, and ragweed.  They also offer an outlook for future days, so you can plan how much time you spend outdoors or with the windows open at home.

Purchase an air purifier for your home

It's not that expensive to invest in a decent Hepa air purifier for your home, or even a couple of them depending on the size.  They are usually rated for so much square footage so do the math and give them a try if allergies are bugging you or your family.  We have two in our house, and it's made a huge difference.

Take supplements and use raw honey

Of course, talk with your doctor before jumping into supplements, but Vitamin C seems to help a lot of people battling allergies.  It's anti-histamine properties can make a huge difference with your immune system health.  Additionally, many people swear that raw honey can help lessen some allergy symptoms, so adding more of that to your diet might prove beneficial.

Talk to your doctor about your allergies

If over-the-counter or herbal remedies aren't getting you the relief you need, consider talking to your doctor.  They might have some other suggestions on what to try or may be able to prescribe you a nasal spray or other prescription options to reduce the symptoms of allergies.

What have you found that works best for you when allergy season is in full swing?

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