January in the Upper Midwest usually translates to stretches of below-zero temperatures. While many residents have all of the appropriate weather gear and know-how to stay safe and warm when venturing outside, there are still plenty of people that need some guidance.

When temperatures dip below zero, frostbite and hypothermia become real threats in short periods of time. As a reminder, the Duluth office of the National Weather Service shared some tips to stay as warm and safe as you can if you need to head outside.

The old mantra is "dress in layers", which is absolutely a good idea. For extreme cold, on days when there are temperature or wind chill advisories or warnings, the following is recommended:

  • 3+ layers are recommended for your torso with an outer layer designed to keep the wind out
  • 2+ layers for your legs, again with an ideal outer layer being designed to block wind
  • Waterproof boots with insulation, and even extra layers of socks to keep your feet dry and warm
  • A warm hat that covers both the top of your head and ears
  • Warm, insulated gloves or mittens. Water/windproof gloves are ideal for an outer shell, and possibly adding a thinner inner layer for extra insulation and warmth
  • Facemask or warm scarf to protect your face and nose from exposure to the cold and wind


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