Thursday's snow has led to ongoing travel issues around the Northland, with many area roads slippery and snow-covered. The combined snow and cold temperatures are making for a combination of not only slippery, but also icy roadways and bridges around the region.

While MN-DOT and WIS-DOT crews as well as city and county plows are working to keep up with snow removal and salting and sanding, all area roads MN-DOT and WIS-DOT report on are being called "snow covered", and extra caution should be taken if you must head out and travel.

The City of Duluth issued a statement encouraging the public not to be out driving unless absolutely necessary, not only for driver safety, but to allow plows to do their jobs on the roads. While primary roads are being regularly plowed and treated, many side streets are not seeing consistent attention from plow crews at this time, and will get further attention after snow tapers off. The public should also pay particular attention to street parking and abide by all parking rules to allow crews to be as efficient as possible while plowing.

Other cities around the area, including Ashland and Washburn, have declared snow emergencies, and the public should heed all snow emergency rules. Ashland County has also issued a message advising against travel in the area at this time due to road conditions.

MN-DOT also issued an advisory, saying travel is not advised on MN Highway 210 between Cromwell and US 169. A representative from MN-DOT told WDIO-TV that all of the roads in the Northeastern District are snow covered today, and conditions are expected to be that way through the remainder of Thursday.

Multiple spin-outs and accidents are being reported around the Twin Ports through the day today, and both of the primary bridges between Duluth and Superior have seen accidents due to slippery conditions on the bridge decks. Drivers should use common sense winter weather driving tactics that include reducing speeds and increasing following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Snow is expected to taper off in the Twin Ports by around 9 pm tonight, giving way to cold temperatures overnight and into Friday. Air temperatures are expected to be around 0 degrees, with wind chill values down to near -35 through the overnight and into Friday. This has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wind chill advisory through noon Friday. Aside from the wind chills, blowing and drifting snow will continue to add to travel headaches through the day on Friday.

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