I didn't know it had become a place you could stay. It's got the best location, right in the middle of everything in downtown Duluth and Canal Park.

In 1899 Endion Station was built as a depot/railroad house. According to Zenith City, Endion Station used to be located at 15th Avenue East and South Street, it was moved to make way for I-35 expansion.

Canalpark.com says Endion Station started as a depot till 1961, then it was a freight station until 1978, then it was offices, till they needed room for I-35. They moved the building for $400,000 to where it is now. In 2012, the building was sold and became a small pub with sandwiches and appetizers. Then it went through its last change and became the Air BNB that it is today.

I never knew it went through the last change and became somewhere you can stay. It's kind of pricey though. Heirloom is the company showing and managing the building. They also have another property you can stay in right by the bridge.

According to the Airbnb website showing the property, it's $1840 a night with a two-night minimum during off-peak and 3 nights if you stay in the summer and weekends. That sounds expensive but if you break it down it's just over $115 per person per night. Which, if you don't mind sharing this is a bargain for the location.

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The website says the site has 5 beds, 5 baths with five free private parking spots. The bad part is, even though it sleeps 16 some people have to sleep on couch beds, some have queens.

Does this look like you would want to stay there?

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