National Bison Day always falls on the first Saturday of November so for 2022 it is on the 5th.  It was started as an awareness day for the at-risk wild animal, and while there are still issues with their numbers in the wild, farm raised bison are delicious.

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Yeah, it's happening, I'm taking the ignorant American approach of "let's kill it and eat it".  Again, I'm talking about farm raised bison, if you were to poach a bison on a wild preserve or on private property and were caught, it wouldn't be good for you.

I've had bison meat a few times over the years, usually getting it at a restaurant like Lyric in Downtown Duluth.  Their Blueberry Bison Burger is incredibly good and well worth the $17 price tag.  I've also had friends bring it over and have even ordered bison meat right out of Minnesota that was delivered to my door.

Buffalo Hills Bison is out of Caledonia, MN and has everything bison like brats, hot dogs, jerky, ribs, roasts, steaks, and of course ground meat too.  They also offer some great recipes and tips for cooking bison.  Bison can be better for you than beef as it's leaner with less calories and fat and has a smidgen more protein too.

My favorite way to cook up a bison burger is pretty simple.  I mix one egg into three pounds of ground bison, the reason is because the meat is so lean, it doesn't always stick together that well and the egg helps.  I then make patties and apply a decent amount of Kosher Salt and crushed black pepper to both sides.  I then either grill them over charcoal until they are right around medium, or I use some olive oil and sear them in a cast iron pan.  To me, it doesn't take much more than that and you can really appreciate the flavor of the meat.

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