Several years back Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson embarked on the "Twins of Evil" Tour and because of it's success they are back at it again.

Titled "The Twins of Evil- The Second Coming", the US tour kicks off July, 11th in Detroit, MI.  As of now there are no Minnesota dates listed but hopefully one will be announced in the coming weeks.  I have seen Rob Zombie live several times and it is never a bad show.  Him and his band go out and give it 110% every time.

As far as Manson, I have not been able to catch one of his live shows so I really hope that one makes it's way to Minnesota or at least reasonably close to here.

There is a short and final cut of Zombie and Manson talking about the tour but I wanted to share the one with the outtakes as it really shows the true personality of these guys.

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