The multi-year project to replace the Highway 61 Silver Creek Bridge near Two Harbors will get a public meeting to provide updates and allow for general commentary and questions.  The date of that meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 31; similar to most-all of the meetings the Minnesota Department of Transportation has held since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, this session will also be held virtually.

Those individuals interested in taking part in the meeting will need to log on online via WebEx; click here for the link and further details.  There will also be a telephone option for those interested in using that.  A recording of the meeting will also be made available afterwards to be utilized at a later date and time.  Start time for the actual virtual meeting on August 31 is 5:00 PM.


Construction on this bridge replacement is set to begin at some point in September of this year.  Most of the work, however, will happen during the summer road construction seasons of 2022 and 2023.

While the Minnesota Department of Transportation fully-anticipates having two lanes of traffic open during the majority of the construction project, there may be times that that is not possible.

MNDOT's multi-year project will result in a better and safer roadway along the North Shore and Highway 61.  The new bridge will replace the box culvert currently existing in place. At the same time, the agency will accomplish restoration of the stream that flows below.

The new Highway 61/Silver Creek Bridge will include a pike and pedestrian crossing lane.  New pavement will also accompany the work on the approaches.


Work crews will extend old Highway 61 to align with Loop Road - with sidewalk from bridge - to old Highway 61 extension.  At the same time, it will provide provisions for a future Department of Natural Resources trail to pass under the bridge.

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For  more details about the Highway 61 Bridge replacement project or any of the road construction work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, click here to visit their official home page. Additionally, you'll find up to date information and resources about the variety of work that the state agency performs.

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